Submitting your photograph to the Children's Photography Archive

Before being able to submit the photograph and accompanying information children and their parents will need to confirm the following:

I confirm that I am under the age of 18 years.

I confirm that I or my parent have read and understood the Children’s Photography Archive Editorial Guidelines which explain what the archive is for, how the archive works, what happens to the image I submit and what my rights are over the image.

I confirm that I took this picture myself (or I have the permission of the person who did, if I am a parent/carer submitting on the child’s behalf), and that I give permission to Children’s Photography Archive to store the photograph, its story and accompanying information in the ‘open theme’ collection on the archive website.

If my picture features other people, I confirm that I have their permission to deposit their image to Children’s Photography Archive.

By submitting I agree to my picture coming under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License and I give full permission to the Children’s Photography Archive and its current and future users to access and use pictures under this licence.

I understand that the Children’s Photography Archive is not accountable for other platforms in which the photograph(s) I have submitted to it may have appeared under a Creative Commons licence, and the archive is not responsible for pursuing any other outlets for the removal of my photograph from their platforms.

I understand that I may withdraw my photographs from the Children’s Photography Archive at any time by contacting the archive providing I have given the necessary information by which my photograph can be identified for removal.

If you are interested to submit a collection/batch of images to the archive, please get in touch with us at: childrensphotographyarchive[at]
  • We need your name for identification purposes should you or your child wish to withdraw your image from the archive at a later date.
  • We ask for your full name for identification purposes should you wish to withdraw your image from the archive at a later date; with your permission we can publish your first name next to your image.
  • Your last name will not be made public in any case.
  • If you want to submit more than one image please email the archive to arrange a batch submission.
  • Information that will be published alongside your photograph:

  • Please tell us how old you are.
  • Please tell us how you identify.
  • Please tell us any other way you identify yourself that is important to you.
  • Please tell us where your photograph was taken; if this photograph was taken at home, you might say ‘at home in Islamabad’ or wherever you live; please do not give us your home address; if you do accidentally write your home address or anyone else’s address we will delete it; other ways to tell us about the location of your photograph might be ‘my friend’s place in South London’, ‘my auntie’s place in Caracas’, ‘out on the street in Athens’.
  • Please tell us from which country you are making your submission (we will assume that this is your typical country of residence); pull down menu to choose from.
  • Please categorize your image.
  • Please choose as many tags as you like that describe your image; just type to discover tags or enter your own.
  • Optionally, give a title to your photograph.
  • In the English language you might hear the phrase ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’; we don’t need you to write 1000 words -although you can if you want to- but we would like to know more about your photograph from your perspective. What is the photograph about, why did you take it, why is it important, how should someone who doesn’t know you understand your photograph. There may be a lot to say or only a little, don’t worry about this. Please write freely and also don’t worry if you’re not sure about how something is spelt. We’ll figure it out. But in order to protect your identity and that of any third parties or precise locations appearing in the story we reserve the right to edit the story you submit.