The Children’s Photography Archive C.I.C. (CPA, for short) is an archive of children’s photography based in London. It is the first photographic archive of its kind featuring the work of children photographers. The CPA provides a digital archival infrastructure to collect and curate photography by children; we also carry out consultancy, research and educational actions on the topics of childhood publics, citizenship, children’s visual cultures, and children’s photography.

The archive’s collections feature photographs taken by children on a range of subject matters and are organised using the child’s gaze; the CPA values the child’s gaze as knowledge in its own right, with cultural and historical value, and with the potential to educate children and adults alike.

The archive is open to submission from all children up until the age of 18 but prioritises the photographic endeavours of nursery and primary school aged children, as younger children are under-represented in the public sphere. We also welcome submission from educational and research programmes, projects, and other smaller activities which have produced children’s photography.

The CPA has been funded by European Research Council (ERC-StG-335514; ERC-PoC-874454) and supported by the Department of Sociology at Goldsmiths, University of London.