Connectors Study

A collection of 880 photographs from the ERC Connectors Study (2014-2019) taken by children aged 5-9 in Athens, Hyderabad, and London. The Connectors Study explored the relationship between childhood and public life, focusing on children’s encounters, experiences and engagement with politics broadly defined. Children participating in the study were given digital cameras by researchers to take photographs of things that mattered to them, things they cared about and which they felt were important to share with researchers and the wider world. A selection of these photographs can be found below. One of the classification systems that is used in the CPA for this and other collections (see filter ‘photo contents’) below emerged from the 880 photographs from the Connectors Study and is an example of user-led categorisation and curation. You can read more about the ERC Connectors Study here and access relevant publications here.

The photographs in this archive are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. If you would like to use the deposited photographs in academic (research and teaching) and other not-for-profit work you are welcome to. We ask only that you acknowledge the archive and provide a link to it.

You can acknowledge the archive and collection in any writing, presentations or other dissemination or teaching activity with the following sentence: ‘The photographs analysed/presented [delete/replace as appropriate] were sourced from the Children’s Photography Archive ‘s ERC Connectors Study collection (ERC-StG-335514). The ERC Connectors Study explored the relationship between childhood and public life. The photographs were taken by children, aged 5-9, who were asked to take photographs of things in their everyday lives which mattered to them. In this paper/presentation [delete/replace as appropriate] the photographs are used to [state the aims / use of the images for your own work here]….’.

It would be great if you could let us know where/when you have used this collection in your research. We also welcome reflective blog posts about using this or any other collection.

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